The OTOVAL 76 is a container made of plastic materials, holding a couple of 76mm rounds for the 76/62 OTO Melara Compact Gun. It is watertight, re-usable, suitable for storage, transportation and handling of the ammunition both on land and onboard ships.

The twin-round configuration has been chosen in order to obtain a container that could be easily handled by a single man, yet being suitable for stacking storage.

The use of high-performance plastic materials ensures a light weight: about 4.1kg, that means about 2kg for each round instead of 6kg as for the metallic container, saving therefore 4kg for each round to be embarked.

The advanced structural design design ensures full waterproof protection of the ammunition under any environmental conditions, both during operation and while in storage.

The OTOVAL 76 withstands a compression load of 21units complete with rounds, yet it ensures the easy manual extraction and insertion of rounds. Therefore, for stacking the containers, it is necessary to place only some lateral ribs, saving a great amount of weight in ship storage.

Weights Empty, approx 4.1kg
Fitted with 2rounds with cap-protections, 29.5kg
Dimensions Length 97cm, Width 30cm, Height 15cm
  • Shock resistant-thermo-polymers, suitable for applications in the military extended range of temperature
  • Color is dark green (olther colors optional)
Mechanical Specifications
  • Ultimate compression load (simulating the piling - up to 21 units) : exceeding 650kg
  • ultimate tension load applied, on each handle (along a direction perpendicular to the main axis) : exceeding 100kg
Waterproofing Ensured under any test and normal operation condition, checked under a pressure of 0.35kg/ cm2
Environmental Conditions

Storage : -40C to +60C
Transportation & Handling : -20C to +60C

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